New Friends

John Doew (Writer) – x

clear chat history

Me 4:02am
Can’t sleep either? ; )

John 4:03am
Hi. How are you?

Me 4:03
Fine. What are you doing up so late? or is it early? ; ) You must be writing. I friended Amy Tan yesterday. I love being friends with writers. It’s so inspiring.

Me 4:05
—You still there?

John 4:06
Sorry. I was writing—an early piece of my memoirs. I have to get it all down while I have time or I’ll forget. I like to multi-task.

Me 4:06
Your memors?

Me 4:06
I mean “cool”

Me 4:07
..and “memoirs,” of course. Sorry it’s early. : )

John 4:08
How’s your daughter doing? Was it Stacey? At least she’s sleeping, I trust. LOL

Me 4:09
Yes—Stacey can sleep through a hurricane. She’s fine. When I was twelve, I slept like the dead too ; )

Me 4:10
What are you “getting down” at this hour?

John 4:10
Glad to hear she’s fine. Actually, I have to capture the image of a little girl I once knew on paper before I move on to the next chapter.

Me 4:11
Little girl?

John 4:11
Yes. Adjectives are sometimes difficult for me
I’m trying to think of a word for a strange shade of blue
—Can you think of any adjectives for bluish?

Me 4:11
Cerulean? (sp? ; ) Sky? Navy? Bruise?

John 4:11
Buised blue. Sounds right.

John 4:11

Me 4:11
This giurl is in your memoirs?

John 4:11
Right. I have to remember how her skin felt. I can’t recall if it was damp or dry, and I can’t capture the color of her face in words. I knew her a while ago, so it’s hard to capture the first moment perfectly.

Me 4:15
The first moment of what? : )

Me 4:18
—you still there?

John 4:18
Too bad you’re in Akron. Isn’t it Firestone Park? If we lived closer, we could get together when I have these writer’s blocks at four am and you can’t sleep. It’s always nice to meet “friends” in person. Maybe we could go to Starbucks. LOL.

Me 4:19
John? Are you writting a short story?

Me 4:19
writing ; ) The first moment of what?

John 4:19
Is your daughter in middle-school? They’re so sweet at that age, but it must be hard raising her when you have to work full time and you’re alone. Does she spend a lot of time at your house by herself?

Me 4:20
How do you know I’m raising her alone?

John 4:21
I always like to scroll back through a new friend’s old posts to get a feel for them and their lives. People post such interesting things about themselves on Facebook. Sometimes I can get ideas for stories from them. I noticed your post a few months back about your ex and how he doesn’t pay support or come to visit. So sad. I get to Akron occasionally. Maybe we can have dinner. Celebrate that birthday you’ve been dreading : ) You can bring Stacey. I love kids an…


John 4:24
You there?

John 4:27
Oh, well. I suppose you’ve finally popped off to sleep or maybe that Boston Terrier of yours is howling in the backyard again. Anyway, thanks for the “friending.” Enjoy your Saturday gardening, and I hope we’ll be able to meet in person soon. Sweet dreams…

©JP Reese 2010

First published in the September, 2010 issue of Eclectic Flash


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